Marble Floor Polishing

Marble Floor Polishing

Marble flooring is one of the best ways to add elegance to any room.  However, as is with most materials, proper maintenance is required to keep your marble floors looking beautiful.  

The main reason marble floors lose their shine is due to scratching.  Some scratches are caused by large objects dragging across the marble floor, but most are light scratches caused by dirt, and salts under shoes, and the toenails of pets.  These scratches are not noticeable at first, but eventually enough light scratches make the surface of your marble look dull.

One of the benefits to owning marble flooring is that when it does get scratched or etched, you don’t have to worry about it.  Marble flooring is capable of being refinished.  In fact Stone Seal uses the same grinding honing and polishing process that the original factory used to produce the brilliant luster on your marble tile.   Many consumers have a misconception of what makes marble have a glasslike reflection.  This is mainly because there are many companies who treat marble like they would any other tiled floor.  They use topical waxes, crystallizers, polyurethane, and many other procedures which not only give a worse final appearance, but in fact are damaging the marble.   Waxes trap dust and dirt particles causing the surface to scratch much more quickly.  Topical coatings clog the pores of the marble, not allowing the stone to breathe and preventing vapor transmission.  This suffocation of the stone can cause salt crystals to form and eventually grow large enough to break through the surface of the stone, and permanently damage it.  
The best reflection that can be achieved with marble is through a process of grinding, honing, and polishing using successively finer grits of diamond abrasives.  These abrasives rub and polish the marble until the stone itself gives a beautiful reflection.  This is the dust free process that Stone Seal uses.  When the Stone is polished to perfection then it is sealed using one of many stone specific impregnating sealers.  The use of impregnating sealers is important.  Impregnating sealers seep into the marble coating the pores so that the marble can still breathe, and at the same time the sealer is conditioning the marble, and protecting it from staining.

As you could expect with a natural product, no two stones are alike.  At Stone Seal we use our vast knowledge, and experience with different marbles, to decide on the procedures needed to produce the quality results expected.  We refinish marble floors so that nature’s beauty and elegance can once again be restored for you.

Stone Seal also offers lippage grinding.  It is nearly impossible even for the best tile setter to lay a perfectly flat floor.  Some tiles may be higher than the tiles that they meet creating a “lip” or “lippage”.   Stone Seal can grind your floor flat, eliminating the lippage, and lessening the distance between the top of the tile, and the grout line, making cleaning of your floors much easier.


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Marble Floor Polishing

Marble flooring is one of the best ways to add elegance to any room. However, as is with most materials, proper maintenance is required to keep your marble floors looking beautiful.

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