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Our Services: Natural Stone and Engineered Stone


  • Seam Grinding: Grinding seams flat, then polishing back up to match the factory finish, and make the countertop feel like one continuous piece of stone.
  • Seam Detailing: Many countertop installation companies use one color for their seams. Stone Seal can detail your seams so that the colors match throughout then polish, and help to disguise the seams appearance.
  • Scratch Removal: Stone Seal can remove scratches in your countertop, and bring back to the factory finish
  • Stain Removal: We can remove most stains using various methods.
  • Chip Repair: Stone Seal can repair chips in your countertops using our Color Match products. Usually one color is not enough, and the use of color theory is necessary to match the colors, shine, and three dimensional effects of the stone.
  • Crack Repair: Using a penetrating epoxy, and our color match system
  • Steel Rod Replacement: Many countertops are installed with steel bars embedded in the underside of the stone. These bars are necessary for support of the fragile areas of the stone such as sink cutouts. Often the bars used are not stainless steel, and are susceptible to rusting due to moisture from the sink area. As the rust builds it begins to break the stone apart, and cause cracking and spalling. If you start to notice a horizontal crack at your sink, most likely it is a steel rod rusting, and it must be replaced. Stone Seal can remove the steel rod, and repair the damaged area. Usually the rod is only necessary for installation, but if necessary Stone Seal will replace the rod with a fiberglass bar.
  • Polishing: The final step to achieving the glossy finish on you natural stone countertop. Diamonds and superfine abrasive natural compounds are buffed into the stone to provide a brilliant natural luster.
  • Honing: Using a succession of finer grit diamond abrasives to produce a satin smooth finish. A low Hone finish will have no gloss, a high hone finish will produce a satin sheen but not a full gloss of a polished surface.
  • Sealing: using an impregnating sealer to protect the stone from staining.  See our Q & A section regarding sealer application

Floors & Shower Enclosures:

  • Lippage Grinding: Most tile floors are not set perfectly flat. This means that their will be a lip where one tile is slightly higher than the next. Stone Seal can grind your natural stone floors flat, removing the lippage, and giving a more monolithic look to your floors. This will give the added bonus of a much more even reflection, and also make cleaning much easier.
  • Honing: If your floor has a low sheen or no sheen honed factory finish or you would like to change the look from polished to honed. Stone Seal can remove any scratches on the floor, and restore to a beautiful honed finish.
  • Polishing: Whether your floor has a high gloss polished or a low sheen honed finish, and you would like it polished. Stone Seal can remove any scratches, and refinish the floor to a beautiful factory like high gloss polish.
  • Sealing: Stone Seal has a vast knowledge of the different sealers on the market. Whether its water based, solvent based, silicone based, mineral based, or color enhancing choose which impregnating sealers are the best for your particular stone

Examples: To see examples of the work described above, please see our gallery.

From Diamond abrasives to adhesives to stone specific sealers, rest assured that Stone Seal uses only the best products on the market to get your job done professionally, and efficiently.

It’s always a quality job when Stone Seal does it.


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