"I had the pleasure of working with Chris from Stone Seal for the duration of a week earlier this Fall period.  His methodical, diligent approach to his work was inspiring and the respect he showed for the yacht whilst on board was fabulous and very appreciated!  The standard of his work is just fantastic, his demeanor delightful and I would without hesitation recommend him to anyone looking for a master at his art."

Lou Owen

Sailing Yacht Hyperion


"Chris I can't thank you enough for the multiple service requests you have handled for us.  It is clear that your expertise through your experience makes you the correct choice for anyone who owns a piece of natural stone in their home.  Not only are you meticulous in your approach to the treatment of all stone; I’m confident that you can get just about any stain out!  Your initial service along with your ability to provide on going annual maintenance to home owners is the reason you will be the only person we recommend to our clients.

Thanks again for your expertise & caring about the service you provide,"

Lisa Domenici

B&D Building and Remodeling



"Hi Chris,
I just wanted to thank you for all the work you performed in my home this week. I had several serious issues that I thought I was going to have to spend thousands of dollars to correct but you were able to fix them all in just a few days at a very reasonable cost.

First, there was the red candle stain on our kitchen's granite counter. Although the stain was not terribly large, it did take 3 days to remove.
In the kitchen you also repaired a badly cracked seam between 2 pieces of granite. It now looks better than new and the color matches perfectly.

The Second biggest issue was an etched tile in our brand new Master Bathroom floor. We finished a gut renovation less than 6 months ago and our cleaner carelessly left a damp mop with on the floor that soaked into the tile. The stained tile was the first one we saw as we entered the Master bath. Now it is gone.
You also did a great job removing the hard water stains in the shower that turned our grout orange.

Third, we had different colored grout on the kids' bathroom floor. A year ago when we changed the plastic shower insert with a new tub & tiles we had to replace some of the floor tiles. It was impossible to match the new floor grout with the existing grout. Thanks to your huge selection of grout colors & dies, the whole floor looks seamless.

Finally, there were several tiled floors throughout our home that have been neglected for years. Half of our basement, the first floor bathroom and the laundry room were tiled but no one knows the last time that the grout was sealed. As soon as a drop of water fell on the floor it was immediately absorbed by the grout. This is not an optimal situation especially having young children and lots of spills. I am comforted that all of our floors & grout are now properly protected from spills & stains.

I would highly recommend your services. You answered all of my questions, gave me helpful tips and are very professional. Thanks again. "

Eugene, Norfolk, MA


"Stone Seal is a fantastic service for maintaining and protecting your granite and marble surfaces:  I had a marble double vanity in my master bathroom, which had begun to show signs of dulling and even had a couple of areas where it was pitting.  I was panicked as I did not want to replace it – and compromise the rest of the matching marble in the bath, shower and along the deck of the tub.  Chris was prompt, practical and immensely helpful in addressing these problems.  He carefully matched and patched the challenged parts of the surface, then restored the entire marble vanity to its original luster.  Chris also provided me with a great education on the cleaners which really care and protect these surfaces for the future, too.  I was using the wrong products, and it showed over time!  It looks brand new – even now, which is [3] years later.  He also checked over the kitchen and other granite surfaces in the house, just to make sure they were OK.  And I get an annual “check-up” call from Chris asking whether or not I need to schedule another appointment with Stone Seal.  A truly great service!”

- MD, homeowner, Quincy, MA



"When I first had white marble countertops installed in my kitchen, I was worried about stains and chips. But with his bi-annual service visits, Chris makes my three year old counters look brand new."

J.Hitch, Nonquit, MA



"Chris at Stone Seal was outstanding! He has addressed both a ragged warn marble foyer and a botched bathroom mosaic. The foyer looks like new now. And thanks to Chris's informed attention to detail the mosaic floor looks beautiful, and did not need to be replaced. His continued professionalism and dependable follow through was an added bonus, and a refreshing experience, particularly in the world of stone. I would be thrilled to recommend Stone Seal to any person looking for a excellent and professional job."

Jessica Seth,    Jackson Seth Designs




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